XeroBugs is a collection of the most popular eco friendly products. We market and promote a wide range of eco friendly products that service a multitude of clientele. From the homeowner, small business, agricultural and hospitality industry to name a few.

XeroBugs is committed to developing and working towards a complete eco friendly product environment. With the constant threat of pest, bugs that invade our homes, apartments or while on vacation, our gardens and our food. Many pest/bugs today have become extremely resistant to traditional and conventional methods of extermination. XeroBugs saw the need for an effective, safe product that could do the job and do it safely. We are committed to bringing to the consumer a non-toxic, chemical free alternative, that works for all your home or business needs. Products that work in harmony with nature, people & our pets.

Here we have presented two ECO friendly Green products. They are Enzyme based and Cedar Oil based, both have their own unique properties. We have provided the necessary information relevant to each line, and we are inviting you to not only learn but also decide which products will be most appropriate in your particular situation

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