Providing small and mid-sized businesses with marketing and business development support services and offering creative solutions for maximum business efficiency. Working with you to positively and significantly impact your development goals, your market presence and your work flow through vision, focus, and flexibility.

For the past eleven years, Carmen Cardoza has held a number of roles which she has now pooled together to offer a holistic menu of services in marketing, development and business efficiency. From an office manager and program associate for a small non-profit in New York City, to a financial development manager for an international humanitarian organization to an internet marketing manager for an online employment ad agency for one of the largest industries in the country, and loads in between – Carmen garnered a keen understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses. Her experience has taught her that for many small businesses and non-profits, processes and systems may be difficult to implement especially if there is a culture of reaction rather than discipline and creativity. Success and efficiency go hand in hand, and now more than ever companies are striving to do more with fewer resources - both human and material.

When Carmen decided to venture out as a business consultant her goal was to help businesses implement marketing strategies and tools to equip teams with a cohesive image and message as they work to penetrate the market. She quickly realized that this alone would not do – and a vision emerged.

Most businesses know who their target audience is and they may even know what their target audience needs and they have great ideas to engage them. Nonetheless, many small businesses and non-profits are working with limited resources whether it is talent, time, or treasure. Therefore, what is often holding them back is the lack of implementation rather than ideas. This oftentimes leads to burn out, incomplete projects, mediocre results, and a lot of piled up work.

Carmen’s mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses and non-profits find the key activities they must do every day to significantly impact their development goals, market presence and work flow; and get them out of the rut of trying to do everything every day.

Carmen will not only put together a business/marketing plan, but depending on your circumstances, she may find that you really need to organize your office or that your product or service is not being communicated clearly or convincingly by ALL your staff (integrated marketing communications). You may not have the budget to hire full-time personnel to handle such tasks – that’s where Carmen Cardoza comes in.

Why work with Carmen Cardoza? Because it's much easier than hiring a full time staff member, much more economical than going to a traditional employment agency and smarter than not completing the project at all because of limited qualified staff, time, or budget. Don’t underestimate what you can overcome even with these limitations.

Create limitlessness out of limits.