Carol Pilkington,Transformational Trainer is dedicated to assisting men and women in how to relate and communicate from their true nature rather than through the filter of years of conditioning and sabotaging beliefs.  Carol brings all of her experience from the corporate world and personal experiences to her work. She has over 30 years of human behavioral study and more than 9 years intense training in metaphysics from the Sher School of Wisdom.  She is an attuned Reiki Master and graduate of the Sher Astrological Institute focusing on transpersonal and Jungian psychology.  Carol has learned through her own training, practice and integration that Self awareness leads to awareness of others.

Media: Carol has been interviewed on The Suzy Prudden Radio Show by Suzy Prudden, Mind Mentor, accomplished Author and Speaker.  Carol has also been interviewed by Women’s Millionaire Club Founder and bestselling author, Maureen Mulvaney, better known to her friends as MGM.

She has had articles published in magazines both online and printed such as Embrace My Journey, The Sorority Factor, Womens Speakers Association, etc.

She has given lectures for Career Builders, For You Network, Children Of The Night, etc. on a myriad of subjects including Astrology, The Importance of Relating and Communicating Openly and Effectively, Follow Up and Follow Through.