Succinct Inc. is a professional training and consulting organization.  Our mission is to help Corporations, Institutions and other businesses to achieve their commercial and community goals through consulting, training and education of Managers and Employees. We do this by translating Strategic Management into conduct and skills of management and employees, while offering innovative value added services.

We make the difference through our people, a team of dedicated professionals, who value our customers, deliver on our promises and contribute to their development, growth and profitability.

As a company that influences conduct and behavior of the participants in our programs we set high standards of performance and ethical behaviours. We are judged by how we act - our reputation is upheld by how we live up to our core values honesty, integrity and respect for people.

Our core services are:

Communication training programs for:
- Managers (from basic leadership to C-level management)
- Sales (from general sales skills to Large Account Management)
- Internal Communication
- Negotiating skills
- Presentation Skills
All programs are tailor-made after an in-depth process of intake interviews and gap-analysis.

Online Assessments:
According to the experts, hiring the wrong person and having to replace him, can cost an organization somewhere between one and five times his annual salary and benefits. Some important questions are:

-How can you be sure that an applicant meets the criteria?
-How do you select the right people and which applicant should you hire?
-What criteria do you communicate to achieve set targets?
-How do you select a successor for an important position?

With the help of several available online assessments you will find the right answers to these questions and more. The assessments are an important tool in the development of the talents of your staff and employees.

All Online Assessments are tailor-made and based on the Big Five Personality Traits.
The Big Five model is a comprehensive, empirical, data-driven research finding. Identifying the traits and structure of human personality has been one of the most fundamental goals in all of psychology