Headquartered in Paris, France, CARRHURE was established in March 2012 by its Managing Director, Aurée de Carbon, who worked as a Consultant for well-known international search firms for several years. With consulting recruitment as its core business, CARRHURE specializes in identifying, gauging, and attracting leaders in the non-profit and non-government organization (NGO) sectors.

Since its inception, CARRHURE, acting both as a consultant and partner, has filled a number of recruitment missions and has supported the development activity of several companies.

OUR PURPOSE: We are committed to serving our clients and partners by providing subtle support in guaranteeing they hire the best of the best.

OUR VISION is to keep coming up with innovations that can keep up with our ever changing environment. We cope with changes and we equip ourselves with better dynamics to meet our desired financial results. We aim to help organizations create concrete, productive, and long-lasting bonds with their workforce. This concept of strong linkage between companies and their people, presented in our logo, is the ideal we want to impart to help our clients’ organizations be in full swing.

OUR PEOPLE: Our team is a mixture of adept individuals, each with commendable skill derived from the individual fields they specialize on. We have also developed our own network of experts that can be tapped to undertake specific technical assignments.

OUR MOTIVATION: CARRHURE focuses on reinventing the way an organization operates and develops its people. The new era of the recruitment industry starts now.