Carrick Care is an international, not-for-profit organization committed to increasing awareness about brain injuries and neurological challenges while providing financial support to individuals who require neurological treatment and therapies but cannot otherwise afford them.

By increasing awareness of brain injuries and neurological challenges and providing opportunities for treatments and therapies, Carrick Care will make a difference in the lives of many. Through generous efforts from donors, volunteers and ongoing fundraising campaigns, the organization will help individuals who suffer from neurological disorders.

Neurological disorders can impact the physical, emotional and mental challenges individuals and families face. Carrick Care is committed to raising funds to provide life-changing treatments and therapies to those who cannot afford it. From young children to athletes, war veterans and adults, neurological disorders have a significant impact on many lives worldwide.

Carrick Care’s Indiegogo Campaign is the first step to assist individuals living with neurological disorders. The money raised through the campaign will allow for qualified recipients to receive free assessments and treatments to support their specific needs.

Support our Indiegogo Campaign and help Carrick Care change lives.   http://bit.ly/1hCzmEl