Welcome to Carter & Cavero, Old World Olive Oil Company, created by a group of friends united in our commitment to create a retail concept that embraces a tasteful, authentic, healthy way of living. We are--Chris Ortiz, Chris Wall, Sam Berg and Cesar Colliga. We are unlikely partners--one born into a long line of olive growers in Spain, one from the world of advertising and marketing in New York City, one a renowned olive oil taster from Madrid, and one an attorney from New Jersey. Our common bond is a desire to create a business that stands for everything that is not artificial, mass-produced, common or mainstream. Starting with a rare offering of extra-virgin and whole fruit fused olive oils grown and pressed in special mills in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Chile and California, Carter & Cavero extends the olive experience through a unique environment of olive-related products for cooking, health, home and beauty.

Carter & Cavero was established at the end of 2007, in the charming town of Red Bank, New Jersey. Since then, we have opened Carter & Cavero stores in Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey and in Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey. During the winter holiday season we are proud to be a part of the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park in Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan. In all of our stores, we proudly offer a special olive oil tasting experience in a unique shopping environment. In airy gallery-like spaces lined with light wooden shelves supporting utilitarian metal containers with spigots for dispensing a wide range of oils and vinegars, we allow the customer to explore and discover their own favorite olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars. Once a customer finds an olive oil or vinegar that he or she enjoys, the customer can then purchase a bottle of olive oil or vinegar in one of Carter & Cavero’s handsome black custom-etched bottles. Carter & Cavero proudly guarantees your olive oil will exhibit the most important quality of a fine olive oil --freshness.