Cartoon image database offering thousands of copyrighted gag panel cartoons that are ideal for reprinting at very reasonable licensing fees.

Cartoons like these are ideal for use in books (as chapter introductions or to emphasize on-topic points), newsletters, magazines, great for using in PowerPoint, ideal for reprinting on web pages, using in e-zines or e-books, telepresence networks and more. Your imagination is your only hindrance as to how reprinting any of these funny cartoons are used.  

Cartoons are perfect for using on t-shirts. Other uses such as reprinting on a company calendar for each of the 12 months of the year would also lend themselves well....you could pick and choose them ala carte to actually build your own company calendar since there are cartoons relating to business, finance, banking, trucking & semi driving, medicine and dentistry and so many more categories.

All cartoons are categorized by subject matter and divided into alphabetized catalogs with easy to search galleries of images...clicking on thumbnails of images allows you greater to ease to review and look through those cartoons which may have potential for your projects.

Any image can be configured to your specifications and attached in the reprinting format of your choice (TIFF, JPEG, GIF or even PSD format). Of additional interest may be a "custom" cartooning service where having something personal created may lend itself better so you can personalize your message.

Logos can be designed or "custom" characters created to represent your message or your company's direction. Fees vary for licensing existing images or having a "customized" image created. It is always best to offer as much background information relating to your needs, what you want to have created and how the artwork is intended for use and reprint....this way a reasonable and negotiable rate can be quoted that based on this and what is conducive to your budget.

My cartoon service has been operating on a full time basis since the mid 1970's and my images have been published in magazines such as Reader's Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, Saturday Evening Post, National Lampoon, Barron's Magazine and many regional and in-house business publications. My cartoons have also been reprinted in anthologies, books, cartoon collections and various humor books including the N.Y. Times best seller series Chicken Soup For The Soul.
Web designers also benefit from using my daily web comic which provides a new single panel gag cartoon seven days a week.

I provide web designers or webmasters with a simple line of code that can be pasted into the HTML of their web site where they want the cartoon to appear, and each cartoon scheduled is guaranteed 100% family-friendly, nothing vulgar. Cartoon auto-updates at 2a.m. New York City time, 24/7/365 so all the web site owner needs to woory about is pasting in the line of code I provide. The cartoon for each day also appears on my main index page and visitors can look through the last seven days of cartoons via text links directly underneath the day's cartoon in order to get a feel for the humor of the cartoon.

The value of using cartoons is immeasurable. A cleverly placed graphic or humorous image can attract a reader to any written content or emphasize a point within the overall scope of that content, such as a book, catalog, print advertisement, calendar, greeting card or special apparel.

Cartoons attract readers to newspapers each and every day and much of the same can be said about the internet. Cartoons and the web have a very symbiotic relationship in that many sites use cartoons and comics to bring visitors back each day.

Political cartoons and editorial comics are used to enhance web sites that deal with politics. many times sites like these use cartoons for making a statement or to generate a response to various topics covered on or throughout their web site and pages within.

With the ever shrinking comics pages, many cartoonists are turning their attention to an online platform and utilizing the internet and sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their humor. By scrolling through news and personal feeds on Facebook, you will see a majority of reprinted imagery and content is in the form of humor - cartoons in general. People are using comics to make their thoughts heard and known and seen.

The power and value of single panel gag cartoons is probably stronger now than it's ever been in the past. Editors and publishers seek out specific cartoons and styles of cartoons for their humor pages and the special columns they devote to laughter for their readers. If you cannot draw but truly have a unique sense of humor and operate and maintain your own business, you will definitely find some way to employ and utilize cartoons in your line of work or promotional marketing. Your imagination is your best weapon as to how to make your message heard...with cartoons!