Made in America! A patented vehicle roof top display unit. Easy to change ad,s inexpensively. Complete unit is less that most newspaper ad, and you OWN IT!

Functional uses of our Roof Top Advertising Display

Tell people WHO you are, WHAT you have to offer and WHERE to find you.
Promote Item / Price Specials (a pictures is worth a thousand words)
Advertise up-coming specials (or events)
Convey political or protest messages
Use as directional signs for / at events
Use as supplemental business signage (overcoming zoning restrictions)
Sell ad space to others (as a revenue generating mechanism)

Don’t skimp. Get what you pay for…
If you plan to give the public a message, do it right, do it BIG ! Dollar for dollar, we give you more valuable copy area than most other roof top units (graphically critical… for what you’re trying to accomplish). We give you brighter illumination (with no ‘hot spots’ ). We give you durable components (less likely to break or fail). We give you ‘weather-able aesthetics’ (not molded plastic that deteriorates over time). We give you ‘after-market economy’ (simple and inexpensive copy change advantages). Choose wisely. Get your money’s worth...

Back To The Future… Gorilla Marketing 101

Whether you are a small business owner (a local merchant or contractor) OR a national chain (franchise owner or store manager), you know how difficult it is to continually stimulate new business.

There are so many media options to choose from. So much expense… What will work… What won’t?

Whether you are tactically soliciting for sales OR branding your company name (to become dominant over your competition), two key communication ingredients are critical that you accomplish… for “ching-ching” to occur.

“Use Occasion” AND “Radius To Location”.

Informing people who want what you have to offer.
Reaching people in proximity to where you are located.
Enter the word “Value“… *(at what cost) ??

Newspaper, billboards , radio, TV ? “Cost Per 1000 Impressions”… all short term AND certainly not “value priced” !
One Car Topper Sign – Only $349.00 – You decide where it goes, what it says *AND… You Own It (forever).
Take charge of your own advertising ! Deliver your message all over town…
It’s Like Hanging Your Company Sign… On Main Street !