Carve Clothing is a Outdoor Adventure Brand based in Anchorage, Alaska
Carve has been taking over is with it's outdoor style and adventurous designs.  Heavily rooted in outdoor culture Carve has been creating a lot of buzz in the outdoor apparel industry.   Featuring unique and out-of-the-box designs, Carve strives to be different than the rest.
 We have been"immersed in this style since we were born" and want to help define the culture as it is seen today. "We have been toying with the idea of starting a line for ourselves for a while now."  says Schofield. "After much research and looking at what else is out on the market, we were confident that our time has come to put ourselves and our designs out there and make them known". Carve Clothing (carveclothing.com) is a brand that reflects today's outdoor culture.     The designs cater to those who want to be comfortable in what they wear, provide freedom of expression and show individuality at the same time. Being an individual means self-expression in a way like no other, and Carve Clothing is providing a whole new outlook on creativity.  "Find Your Adventure"!