Launching a new product line
After finalizing the design and production with careful research of the aesthetic and the lifestyle needs applicable to the varying multitude of multicultural, multigenerational Latin markets, Casa Amarosa launched their unique product line last month.

Casa Amarosa’s innovative product line is different from anything in the market. “We know that our first line of kitchen products, especially our tortilla warmers will strongly resonate with the highly coveted Hispanic audience,” President and Founder, Nirali Guzman stated. Casa Amarosa’s latest line of tortilla baskets & warmers not only keep tortillas warm, but also are also trendier than the bland napkins or paper towels that are customarily used. “Our product focuses on both design and usability, while keeping in mind the unique needs of the Latino Kitchen,” explained Guzman.

Casa Amarosa received an extraordinary response at its launch at Expo Comida Latina, a Latino Food Trade Show. “We are very excited about the level of interest we received at our launch, especially the interest in our tortilla warmers & baskets was beyond our expectation”explained Ms. Guzman.