Casa Bella Homes is dedicated to providing business credit systems throughout the United States. We offer a wide range of financing solutions to help small businesses get the credit they need. Take advantage of our free consultation and get the capital to open your business, buy new equipment, rent office space, or whatever else you need to grow your company. You will get fast access to the funds, thanks to our ability to access various loans and programs. Also, for your safety, your business credit profile will be completely separate from your personal credit.

We were established in 2001 in Sacramento, California; and we bring more than 15 years of finance experience to the table. Our consultants are dedicated to showing you how to get the financing you need and manage it effectively. You'll enjoy a simple, step-by-step walkthrough to get the money you need for your business and begin building your credit history. We are an independent agency, and our staff takes great pride in our knowledge, courtesy, and honest service. Trust us to help you make the best financing decisions for your new or existing company.

Use our business credit builder system for building corporate credit for small business and corporations using EIN instead of SSN, providing service nationwide in the United States.