Founded in 2011 by Madena Parsley to fill the need of sponsoring teens/young adults. After her sponsorship of 2 children in Peru ended due to the children graduating from high school, a gap was found for sponsoring teens. Due to the lack of other organizations in the area, Casa Sana was founded.

We sponsor 12 teens currently. 4 teens are of the 1st generation kids. Alex just graduated with a degree in Refrigeration/cooling - he is our first Alumni. Victor is currently in his 3rd year of Architectural studies, Astrid is in her 3rd year of Civil Engineer studies, Belen is in her 2nd year of Journalism studies.

Remaining 8 teens are the 2nd generation and are still in high school.

Casa Sana provides financial support, emotional support through counseling from our psychologist, mentoring and empowerment. We make it possible for these teens to transition from village life to urban life. Providing funds for Prep School, transportation, support and providing internships when available.

Our goal is to provide support for further education and to teach civic duty through community service. Our kids learn leadership skills, mentoring skills and empathy for those less fortunate through our community service projects.

The Thrive Peru Experience is a Voluntourism opportunity presented by Casa Sana to see first hand how this model works. The volunteers will become part of the Casa Sana family by spending 3 full days providing community service to remote villages, shanty towns and urban areas. You will be working side-by-side with the Founder of Casa Sana helping children, teens, young adults, adults and seniors.

This unique experience provides the opportunity to dive deep into the culture. You will spend time in the homes of our Casa Sana kids and the Casa Sana Facility. Piura, Peru is not a known region  to the average traveler. It is located approximately 1 hour from the coast in the most Northern Region of Peru. The topography is arid and flat. The community service will be based on your skills, preferences and physical ability.  

By embarking on this Experience you will be contributing to the goal of Casa Sana to be self-sustained. You will be providing jobs to those who have been volunteers for the last 5 years. Jobs that will change the lives of the employees and their families.