Comprising of an ambitious team of practical, forward thinking marketing professionals we have a proven track record in delivering a strong, consistent influx of new business as well as providing the most cost effective method of raising brand awareness and a guaranteed return on your investment which is measurable to the penny.  As a client of Cascade you will enjoy peace of mind in the security of our promise to invoice only for long term paying customers physically delivered to your business.  

As a specialist direct marketing consultancy we represent a practical, cost effective alternative or a powerful complimentary addition to your indirect marketing services.  As an organisation we have been selected by several FORTUNE 500 companies, notably in the telecommunications industry, due to our ability to maximise sales whilst providing a high quality return of new growth for your business and a positive impact on your brand image.  The flexibility of our system allows us to tailor your marketing package to suit the industry you operate in, your target market and your organisational goals.