The old way of buying software systems requires a large investment early in the project prior to system build out, and well before the business benefits are realized. This model is even more troubling given the risk factors associated with software system installations – they are notorious for not delivering the time-to-value, compatibility, and cost of ownership promises made by vendors.

CaseGuard delivers SaaS solutions to customers seeking alternatives to installing and maintaining litigation management applications on-site. Our software products offer many advantages without the IT resource drain of the traditional installation model.

Scalable costs match litigation volume. Why pay more for more compliance than you need? CaseGuard users access support, on-demand, tailored to their litigation volume. Legal teams can choose to allocate the costs of compliance internally in a way that is defensible and transparent.

Accessible wherever you are. Device and location independence enables users to access our solutions using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they are using. As infrastructure is off-site and accessed via the Internet, users can securely connect from anywhere.

Secure and confidential. Your information is protected by 128-bit SSL security, the same encryption used by major financial institutions. Data is maintained and backed up in access-controlled, monitored Tier 1 data center.