Hello Everyone at  Cash For Cars Nj, Ny, PA
We come to you and buy your car,truck,van in AS IS condition, in most cases we pay you in cash right on the spot, or we pay off your current financed car, truck loan. We can either come to your location, or visit 1 of many locations in Ny, Nj, or Pennsylvania.
We take pride in the fact that we never lie or mislead our customers. The price we quote you over the phone is the price in cash that we hand you when we meet at the location you prefer, we will even meet you at your bank!
The big difference in dealing with our company, “cash4carz.com”, is that we always give our customers real price quotes of exactly how much they will get from us when they sell their car to our company.
Cash4Carz Does not practice business by letting you chase an offer that doesn’t exist.  When you call our company for a price, we give you a real idea of what you can expect to sell your car / truck. We have had a number of customers call us, and then our competition. Then they always call us back.
A huge difference in dealing with “cash4carz.com” is that we rely on repeat business from our clients. We are looking to set a trend in the way people can have the right place to call, and have our staff go to their location. When you call “cash4carz.com”, usually within 1 hour or less, one of our reps is there, at your home or office, ready to buy your car / truck.  With cash! That's the best part:  you don't have to drive anywhere.
When we come to our customers, we give them the comfort of making a car deal from their turf on their time. They are not sitting and waiting for someone to examine their car or truck, and find every little thing wrong with their car. We know your car is not perfect, and we buy them as is. No need to fix anything!

When you are ready to talk about selling your car / truck, please give us the opportunity to speak with you. If nothing else, we can give you the right advice of how to sell your car.

Thank you for reading about our company. WWW.Cash4Carz.com