The cashew apple is a pear shaped fruit that was used by the Aztecs to cure and treat disease.  The Aztecs originally discovered this amazing fruit and they soon realised that the fruit contained many medicinal properties that provided an effective treatment for many of the common diseases they suffered. The Cashew apple was used by the Aztecs for the  relief of sore throats, to disperse phlegm in the throat, to settle upset stomachs, dislodging kidney stones,  treating scurvy, to increase  energy, to treat diarrhoea, cholera and to promote good health. The juice of the fruit was  also used  extensively to effectively treat wounds after battle and to cure skin infections.
After the demise of the Aztec population, early European explorers were aware of the vast healing properties of the fruit, but the fruit had an extreme astringency that puckered up the mouth and it could not be stored for any length of time. Because of these problems the medicinal properties of the fruit were forgotten by mankind for centuries as the fruit was mostly discarded and used in landfill

In 2003, a University in Thailand in partnership with a local orchard  began to investigate  the medicinal properties of the fruit. After many years of research a special process was developed to remove the astringency taste as well as to preserved and purify the juice. This process is a closely guarded secret and that is why this purified form of the juice is only made in one orchard in the world.

The Cashew Apple is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as being high in Antioxidants and Anti-bacterial properties. The juice contains vitamin C (five times more than
oranges), calcium, iron, Cardol, Anacaradic Acid, Phosphorus, Beta Carotene, Riboflavin, Thiamine mineral  salts and phosphorous. One of the ingredients, Cardol” is a natural antiseptic that helps kill germs before they have a chance to cause disease.

Known in Thailand as the “ miraculous juice”  the juice from the Cashew Apple has
benefited people all over the world.  The juice has proven itself to be a very affective treatment for many diseases and also has the ability to assist in the prevention of disease. Many people use the juice daily to detoxify the body and to promote a healthier lifestyle.