CashFlowAnswers provides information and comparison services that solve business cash flow problems using asset based finance products. Dedicated to introducing owners and managers to the most appropriate Specialist Financier, we help business make an informed choice and continually evolve our product and service offer, so we’re always at the forefront of the comparison and solution broking industry.

CashFlowAnswers.co.uk presents businesses with a range of financial facilities that pay invoices on the day that they are raised. Solutions are implemented in 5-7 days, though as little as 3 days is possible. The company’s debtor book provides security for the facility avoiding the need to use the owner’s personal property. Cleared funds are available immediately; the working capital issue is resolved.

The Invoice Financing facilities, otherwise known as Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting, are available to any business that invoices other businesses on credit terms.

CashFlowAnswers.co.uk addresses the most common questions and concerns raised by businesses seeking this type of information, such as
•     How can I solve my cash flow problem?
•     How can I avoid using my home for security?
•     How can I spend more time winning business and satisfying orders?
•     How can I improve my credit control?
•     How can I protect myself if my customer goes bust?

Factoring ends your cash flow problems with instant access to flexible levels of working capital, immediate payment of invoices, responsive cash injection, instant debt relief, and professional credit control to free up management time.

Unlocks cash tied up in invoices
Instant access to working capital; instant lump sum cash injection
Up to 90% instant prepayment  when you bill your customer. Balance less agreed fees when your customer pays
Instant relief from debt, initial cash injection in 5-7 days (can be as little as 3) You no longer have to chase payment
Immediate cleared funds in your account when you raise your invoice
Flexible finance that grows with your business. You need more, you’ve got it!
Flexes to accommodate seasonal variations, workflow, projects, etc
Can be used to meet existing commitments, expansion, or fund a start up
A dedicated Credit Controller who understands your business
You can focus on winning and delivering more business and stop chasing debts
Experienced personal account management, backed up by professional and helpful information systems you can rely on
24/7 access to your account, you're always in control!
Award-winning levels of service; great cash flow – more money to you, faster, easier, hassle free
Optional Bad Debt Protection to protect your business

Invoice Factoring is fast and easy to set-up and unlike bank overdrafts or loans, Factoring automatically grows alongside the business. What’s more you get to enjoy great cash flow as well as virtually eliminating the time you spend on credit control

Invoice Discounting is the same as Factoring, but the business retains its own credit control function, meaning that the arrangement can be wholly confidential – customers need never know

Bad Debt Protection
The last thing that any business needs is a customer’s insolvency damaging its ability to grow. That’s why Bad Debt Protection working in conjunction with  Factoring or Invoice Discounting services provides 100% cover on credit approved debt ensuring you can realise your ambitions with complete confidence.

Existing and prospective customers are credit-checked and bad debt protection cover offered on each invoice at a level the Invoice Financier’s credit team feel is appropriate, up to 100% of the invoice value.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Non Recourse Factoring’, Bad Debt Protection is perfect for Factoring or Invoice Discounting clients who want increased peace of mind. ‘Non Recourse Factoring’ is a type of Bad Debt Insurance, which means that the Invoice Financier recovers any approved debts from your customers and has no recourse to you if they fail to pay.

The obvious benefit of Bad Debt Protection is that you can get on with your business, safe in the knowledge that your customers are being professionally credit checked and that you are fully protected, should they fail to pay. No more worrying about the viability of your customers; no need to hold back your business development with concerns over new customers.

Up to 100% protection
Personal credit advice, helping you to build a stable business
Free credit checking on all new customers
Typically higher credit limits on your customers
Fast claim payments, with minimal paperwork
Competitively priced service, also available on export activities
Automatic pay-out on approved invoices post 120 days for factoring clients
Bad Debt Protection is available to all Factoring and Invoice Discounting customers, and provides the ultimate peace of mind in managing cash flow within your business