The Center of Arts and Sciences of North America is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers weekend, accelerated (fast-track), immersive, stand-alone courses in the sciences, mathematics, English and psychology. CASNA caters to working adults and disadvantaged persons by offering flexible locations and convenient class times. Each course offering lasts a total of 5 weeks and is offered on an on-demand basis. Instructors are highly qualified alumni of top national and international universities. For those seeking a career in healthcare, we offer classes in integrated science--program fits the needs of those who seek to become physicians, physician's assistants, nurses, therapists, pediatricians, veterinarians, technicians and in other health and medical fields.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of learners through affordable, high-quality art and science educational opportunities that allow them to retain their current jobs, so they can simultaneously continue to care for their loved ones. CASNA will prepare and train students to embark upon careers that will not only positively enhance their lives, but will also extend their newly gained knowledge to further help their communities. CASNA believes everyone should have access to opportunities that will bring them satisfaction and stability.

Please feel free to e-mail info@casna.org with any questions.