CASSA is a Guatemalan company that designs and build intelligent social housing provides their users with clean energy, clean water and sanitation at an affordable price.  We use ecological materials like bamboo and adobe and integrate technologies like rainwater capture, storage, purification and recycling, solar panels for electricity, smokeless stoves and full-service sanitation. Through intelligent design and product source, we are able to be cost-competitive with the current status quo of cinder block and tin roof.

In addition to providing sustainable and long-lasting human value, our homes help greatly reduce the ecological footprint of building and operating homes since we use carbon-neutral materials and efficiency technologies that reduce the amount of resources our users consume in addition to treating their waste water. We rely on local materials and labor almost exclusively, which not only brings down costs and protects the environment, it also increases community participation.

CASSA is not even a year old, but we have achieved several things in this time, like selling and building the first intelligent house in Guatemala, getting to the Finalist Round in Echoing Green 2014, being presenters at Greenbuild 2014  -the largest conference for sustainable building in the world-, speaking at several public events here and abroad, were named a "Gifted Citizen" at 2015 "Ciudad de Las Ideas", and most importantly, personally met and reached more than 1000 people, in the field, in the heart of our target markets, to come to understand the market and human demand very well.  We have freely and openly shared all our designs and technologies, to catalyze an ecosystem of practitioners in this crucial market. We have also hosted different Internship Programs, giving the opportunity to young professionals to get hands-on experience in their field of practice while they help us build up our organization. We also hold sustainable construction workshops with youth and other professionals all over the country, to openly spread this knowledge.