How did woworads begin?
Firstly Waxonwaxoff & woworads are owned and managed by Mike Smith.
In 2003 Mike’s partner came up with the name for the metal finishing company one night when watching the karate kid “wax on wax off” hence the company name Waxonwaxoff.
Due to the high standard finish that Waxonwaxoff produced we soon became the number one metal finishing company in the UK in 2005, this is recognition that we have great pride in, and still have to this day.

We originally started out restoring antiques, resulting in us being approached to refurbish a Rococo cast iron radiator. The finished result was so impressive that it caught the eye of other cast iron radiator companies.

Waxonwaxoff were approached in 2007 by one of the leading suppliers of cast iron radiators at the time to polish their cast iron radiators for their own customers.

After six months our dedication to perfection resulted in our cast iron radiators in a hand polished finish where the best in the country. By the end of 2007 the demand was so high that we had to move to new premises, our current 7000SQFT factory in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

In 2008 Mike decided to create woworads which is an acronym waxonwaxoff & radiators hence Woworads. Woworads was created to fill the gap in the market for affordable cast iron radiators with a superior finish.

We sourced a team of sprayers and fitters who are accomplished in their field to ensure our high standards where upheld. We utilised their skills to perfect the old arts of spraying and antiquing. This is why our Bronze Antique finish is the best on the UK market at present.

At woworads we are always developing new finishes that are unique to us; this adds that added uniqueness to your cast iron radiator. As all work is done in house at our factory it allows us to keep costs low, allowing us to pass this saving onto our customers in the form of competitive prices, which is helping us reach our aim of getting more of our stunning cast iron radiators in homes across the UK.

Woworads, has metal polishing at its roots, and as we are the number one metal finishing company in the UK you can be rest assured that the best polishing team in the UK will guarantee you best finish possible.

We are dedicated to bringing in new apprentices and teaching them the traditional polishing methods, helping to ensure that these timeless techniques and finishes are preserved for many years to come.