Cathy Sparkle! makes it fast, easy & fun to make your own safe, green, healthy household cleaners for every room and surface. We provide kits stocked with pure essential oils, all natural soap, and eco-friendly, reusable bottles with easy-to-follow recipes printed right on them. No thinking required! Just mix in a few simple household ingredients and voila! you've got an easier, greener, healthier way to clean!

By switching to Cathy Sparkle! Green Cleaning Cocktails Kits, we know you will save money and find out that going green with your cleaning isn't hard at all. In fact, with all the resources Cathy Sparkle! puts right at your fingertips, it's ridiculously easy.

Why? Because we've done all the hard stuff for you. We've hunted, gathered, mixed, whipped, tested and assembled all the tricky bits into one convenient place so even the busiest among us can mix up these dazzlingly effective green cleaning cocktails. We give you the background info, easy recipes and hardest to find ingredients including pure Liquid Castile Soap and Essential Oils. We even provide the eco-friendly bottles with the recipes and usage instructions printed right on them so you never have to track them down. It is so convenient, you can't NOT do it. You will save time and money, reduce waste, help the earth and help your family by instantly reducing the toxins in your home.

Plus, with the aromatherapy benefits of our pure essential oils, we believe we can make Cleaning Hour (almost) as fun as Happy Hour!

We take a positive, lighthearted approach to what is a serious issue—cleaning with toxic chemicals.

Our goal is to make cleaning healthier and safer while keeping it fun and easy, just take a look at our recipe names, like our "On The Rocks" our vodka-based granite cleaner and "Bum Runner" our bathroom spray with tea-tree oil.

With our system, you know it's green because you make it yourself and can recognize (and pronounce) every ingredient.

In addition, we use food-safe bottles that are simply refilled with every mixing, not discarded or recycled after one-time use, dramatically reducing the impact of packaging on the waste and recycling stream. We estimate our bottles will last 2-4 years. Our cleaning system is healthier and safer for people and the environment than any off-the-shelf cleaning products and truly, honestly green.

Our recipes take less than a minute each to mix and you even save money using them—about 30-40 percent! That can add up to more than $100 the first year for average households and more each year after that!

Please visit our site, read our blog and learn more about our company, our vision for combining healthier lifestyles and environmental awareness with budget-friendly convenience! You can switch to true healthy green cleaning without sacrificing convenience and value!



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