Welcome to CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc., the premier full-service professional firm that provides housekeeping and event staffing services, with a twist that only CatWalk can provide!  CatWalk's maids and butlers are able to offer high-quality service that are completed beyond your expectations and standards. This includes light housekeeping, cleaning, organizing, assistance with meal preparation and cooking, game night hosting, host/hostess and servers for parties and events.  

At CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc., we pride ourselves on building a reputation for quality and courteous service, which provides increased leisure time to our clients, though also allows them to "have a little fun, while we get the job done!"  Rather than be stressed out about the chores that need to be done, or worrying about having to find the right cleaning service, why not have fun with it?  At CatWalk, our classy maids and butlers are dressed for success in themed uniforms (all rated "G") that are both elegant and sexy.  Unlike your Mom's cleaning lady, our maids and butlers are dressed for a night on the town when they come by to clean your home, office, apartment, condo or loft.  Dissimilar to traditional maid uniforms, CatWalk's standard themed uniform is a French maid outfit (full coverage) for our maids, and half-tuxes (black bowtie, cuffs and black dress pants) worn by our butlers.  

Don't forget that we also offer a wide selection of children's characters, which features one of our friendly maids or butlers coming to your home or office dressed as your child's favorite character, and providing any of our extensive menu of services, including serving at parties or cleaning!

The first CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc. opened in Barrie, Ontario on November 1, 2010 and has 30+ employees.  This branch will be home to the board of directors, two managers, assistant director of marketing and communications, knowledgeable receptionists, and several of our classy maids and butlers. Our corporate office will be established in Barrie, Ontario, which will be the central location for all our main operations.  We have decided to set up the corporate office in Barrie, in order to try and keep as many jobs as possible close to home.  As a family oriented corporation, CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc. feels that too many people have to commute every day to earn a living, which takes away from the more valuable and important things like spending time with family and friends. By establishing our corporate office in Barrie, CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc. is hopeful that we will do our part to allow people the opportunity to spend more time closer to home.  We anticipate our corporate office will employ approximately 300 employees.

For your protection, CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc. is federally and provincially (Province of Ontario) incorporated and with insurance that protects both clients and staff alike.  We are strong believers in treating our employees with respect and dignity, it is for this reason that we offer flexible shifts, vacation time on-demand, birthdays off with full-pay, cash recruitments bonuses, higher than average income (party services, maids and butlers are paid $20 to $55 per hour), and a strictly enforced terms of service, to protect our staff and their safety.  In fact, all employees sign a 16-page contract that lays out all their rights and the terms of service rules.  Moreover, all staff are actual employees of CatWalk Fantasy Maids, Inc.  We ensure that employees are protected under WSIB and will qualify for government insurance options in the event of an unforeseeable occurrence such as illness or injury.  

We moved into our new downtown location on November 15, 2010 at 5 Clapperton Street (near 5 points). This location will feature plenty of space, enabling us to better serve our clients and staff.  Come enjoy a spacious reception area, complete with two receptionists, socializing area for clients (featuring hot coffee, herbal tea, mineral water, juice and lots of treats) with comfy chairs, a high definition television, and private offices for management and directors.  Stay tuned for all the details and lots of photos to come!

This branch proudly serves all of Simcoe County.  CatWalk will be opening up several new locations in Ontario in 2010, including:
Barrie · Brampton · Markham · Mississauga · Ottawa · Toronto · Vaughan.  

We are also in the process of opening branches in late 2010 and 2011, throughout Canada and the United States.  Some of our branches will be corporate owned, though we are offering exciting franchise opportunities throughout Canada and the United States, to qualified individuals.