Cause Vision produces media and materials to inform and educate communities on issues directly relevant to their people; these materials are conceived and produced to be disseminated among communities most in need of these welfare-enhancing resources. Our mission is to educate people about such issues rooted in our desire to promote social and behavioral change that ultimately leads to improving populations' well-being.  Such materials are distributed through local organizations that reach out to those communities and educate them.

To support such local grassroots organizations' activities, we provide social marketing and media consulting, as well as media production at marginal cost, depending of the funding and the size of the applicable organizations. Cause Vision's projects will include the most appropriate media to educate global communities on: Human Rights; Public Health; and Environmental Sustainability. Cause Vision is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization based in New York, USA. Cause Vision produces and donates media material for social causes around the world. To learn more about Cause Vision, please visit us at causevision.org.