Let us introduce ourselves…Campus American Youth Group (CAYG)  is a National Organization dedicated to the enrichment of Academics & Sports in a drug free America through the creation and distribution of scholastic products and endeavors.

Finding that a growth mind-set creates motivation and resilience—and leads to higher achievement—we sought to develop an intervention that would teach this mind-set to students. School often gets more difficult in 7th grade, grading becomes more stringent, and the environment becomes more impersonal. Many students take stock of themselves and their intellectual abilities at this time and decide whether they want to be involved with school. Not surprisingly, it is often a time of disengagement and plunging achievement.

Our research shows that educators cannot hand students confidence on a silver platter by praising their intelligence. Instead, we can help them gain the tools they need to maintain their confidence in learning by keeping them focused on the process of achievement.

Perhaps we have produced a generation of students who are more dependent, fragile, and entitled than previous generations. If so, it's time for us to adopt a growth mind-set and learn from our mistakes. It's time to deliver interventions that will truly boost students' motivation, resilience, and learning with a strong prevention program.

Studies show that alcohol is the leading drug problem among youth and is responsible for at least 4,600 deaths per year among persons under 21.  In 2009, 10.4 million (27.5 percent) young people in the U.S., ages 12 to 20, reported drinking in the past month, and 6.9 million (18.1 percent) reported binge drinking (defined as five or more drinks at one sitting, usually within two hours). Binge drinkers consume more than 90 percent of the alcohol consumed by this age group.

Every day in the U.S., 4,750 young people under age 16 have their first full drink of alcohol. This is a problem because the earlier young people start drinking; the more likely they are to suffer alcohol-related health and social problems later in life. Compared to those who wait until they are 21 to drink, young people who start drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent, seven times more likely to be in a motor vehicle crash because of drinking and 11 times more likely to be in a physical fight after drinking.

Our goal is to educate, students, parents, principals and teachers to providing educational programs that are responsive to the needs of our 21st Century learners. We achieve this by forming long-term relationships with sponsors that share our dedication to the community and want to "give back". We service a diverse clientele including sponsors at the Corporate and National level, as well as our regional and local merchant sponsors.