Claudia Baier has been featured on ABC and NBC as well as radio and magazines worldwide. She is not only the author of the upcoming book “Happy Money – Powerful HappYness Lessons For The Financially Free“ but she is also the Personal Freedom Ambassador serving successful business owners, C-Level executives & other successful professionals to be both successful in their business and private life in 6 months or less.

You know how many successful business people are experiencing great success in their business yet are frustrated because they lack fulfillment, quality time and deep connection with their loved ones and emotional freedom in their private life?

I solve this in 6 months or less.

I do this by utilizing an experiential approach to and a unique combination of coaching, mentoring, consulting and training (all at the same time) and a multitude of resources for business and personal development, You will bring balance into your life so you are feeling more fulfilled, emotionally free and enjoy a truly strong bond with your loved ones being loved for your TRUE authentic self. The foundation for this work is the ground-breaking results-guaranteed emotional freedom coaching where I enable you to free YOURSELF from what jails you and be your own hero!

In 2009, I was one of the top 300 sales professionals of VMWare International (global IT company) within my first 6 months of being at VMware. Through my innovative “M-OACH-SUL-TRAINING” approach, my clients recover their top performer energy, build a bond with their loved ones that never truly existed and grow their business exponentially. For example: In over 90% of the cases, I manage to achieve the desired result within one hour of 1on1 work.

My clients routinely generate 3 TO 10+ TIMES THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT vs. conventional therapy or consulting services. My results come from out-of-the-box games, world-class resources & clearly defined deliverables.

To bring balance into your life and increase the quality of your life asap, go to http://www.ClaudiaBaier.com now!