CBD Essence by NutraHemp is a trend setter in the Medical Cannabis Market with Online Hemp Oil Edibles Supplement Stores offering practitioners quality products from legal industrial food grade hemp and other renowned plants used for nutrition. The FDA considers Hemp to be Food and our cbd edibles are no different than Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Protein Powder.

Did you know: The Dept. of U.S.Health and Human Services has a patent on Cannabinoids for fighting disease?
You should be assured that all our high cbd only products are medical dispensary quality and will likely help you avoid visiting medical clinics in Florida yourself.  Our medicinal edibles are especially made to be more assimilated by the body and held to high manufacturing standards.  Our products are tested clean and non-GMO or organic where applicable so your body can truly get the benefits from them.  

If you are looking to experience the full effects of high cbd only products we offer our clients top-class customer service all without their leaving home. Competitors brands do not even compare because they are not made to be properly digested and often pass through wastefully. Donald Ballou a manufacturing engineer and innovative forward thinker who has studied health food and cannabis over 30 years created these and makes the products so that they are actually absorbed by the body and really do work! Meet don here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ballou-62b28578

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or call with ideas on Joint Ventures where you do the marketing and we do the drop shipping.  White Label and Private Labeling is about half of our business and we welcome your inquiry of our references.  

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