The California College of Music, through personalized custom programs, mentors musicians and audio engineers for successful careers in the commercial music and recording industry in an intimate and nurturing environment, by an eminent faculty of music industry professionals. At CCM, every student has the opportunity to develop tangible skills, technical knowledge, and a well-rounded professional attitude of confidence and discipline that will give them the ability to succeed in the industry at large.

We offer personally custom designed Certificate Programs in Music, and Engineering and Music Production at CCM, and also Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees through our sister school the University of Music and Audio Technology. There is also a comprehensive Artist Development program that serves to develop and perfect the talents of artists who wish to prepare themselves for a professional career in music.

Besides the customary classes, CCM offers unique courses on a variety of subjects such as: DJ and Turntable Technology, The History of American Commercial and Pop Music, and Educator Workshop. We also provide a Demo Recording service in our state-of-the-art recording studios, guided by our staff of industry professionals. This service is for those who are ready to record and complete a professional quality demo which will serve to represent them to the music industry. We also offer students of all ages, private lessons in our community outreach program.

The Grammy Award winning faculty is spearheaded by Wayne Henderson, world-renowned music producer and trombonist, founder of the Jazz Crusaders. The Engineering and Music Production department is led by the legendary recording engineer Reggie Dozier. We also have a long roster of well-known, currently performing, industry professional instructors who bring with them years of musical experience and practical knowledge. Visit our faculty pages and get to know who we are and how we can help you.

The comprehensive and practical musical education that CCM provides is among the best a musician can find, and is delivered to the student so that he/she feels supported by a friendly team of mentors who care.

Visit us for a week and see what you think! We would love to talk about your career possibilities, and how we can support you in attaining your goals as a unique artist, or skilled engineer.