What is Stupid or Die and Why Do You Have Such a Funny Name?

Stupid or Die is the creation of Alan Sherin, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Content Creation Studios, LLC.

Alan Sherin has a 25 year pedigree in entertainment, marketing and content creation. With Stupid or Die, He has launched an innovative new concept in the Social Quizzing space. Stupid or Die (SOD) has introduced The concept of the VIRAL CANDY DROP! Alan Sherin, who holds an Inventor Patent in game design, has been spreading these addictive Viral Candy Drops across the internet for over 10 years.

Alan Sherin creates content for any kind of project, for your blog or business. For the entertainment industry, these PLOT DROPS are a great new way to grow your fan base engagement from music industry pop icons, to marketing Hollywood releases in new and engaging ways.

Alan Sherin and his Content Creation Studios team produces original content for SOD and all the related CCS brands. Stupid or Die operates out of Alan Sherin’s CONTENT CREATION STUDIOS headquarters in Los Angeles, California to service the Entertainment Industry based in and around Hollywood.

Viral Candy Drops is an analogy on how passionately we consume endless amounts of viral content like it was candy. Thus Content Candy! It seems we can’t get enough! It also is starting to look like a sea of SAMENESS! We looked around and said “BORING!” We decided it was time to elevate the social quiz arena with something new and a little more engaging and leaving you wanting more.

Content Creation Studios first product, Stupidordie.com  is a new Social Quiz Magazine Format called StupidorDie.com where quiz game lovers can immerse themselves in an entirely new kind of storytelling. We call it the PLOT DROP. And you will just have to to play it.

“Movie-style Plot Drop First Person Adventures Featuring YOU as the Star! Inspired by Real World Events, Novels, TV, and Films"

PLOT DROPS involve the viewer in a serial story experienced across several decisive PLOT DROPS – another Content Creation Studios original social storytelling innovation. With PLOT DROPS, Content Creation Studios invented the first FIRST PERSON QUIZ THRILLER.

Plot Drops are all about YOU adventures in this new kind of Quiz Thriller starring YOU!”


Tour Drops is our online web store loaded with products related to our quiz magazine content. Many of our games are Travel & Adventure oriented so many of the products we showcase are related to travel and traveling accessories. In 2016 look for our stand alone Interactive Travel Adventure website called TourDrops.com.

Thanks to PLOT DROPS, Viral quizzes will never be the same. Now there is another new viral tool for Hollywood releases to bring awareness to their projects.

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