India lacks a robust culture of dental hygiene and also absent is an infrastructure for dental care. Since beginning there have been neighborhood dental centers managed by individual dentists with some specialization in a few dental procedures. Off late chain of general dental care have sprung up across India. These chains have great ambiance  and a focus on hygiene. These chains have set standards in offering dental care in India. What is still missing is a specialized chains for some specialized process, that's the idea behind "Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics"  our mission is to offer specialized treatment for the some of the most complex dental procedures like Dental Implants. For Dental Implants its is required to have a specialized team and that is what we offer; a team of dentist lead by an Implantologist, they work in tandem for successful implant surgeries. Our vision is to offer affordable dental implant and esthetics (cosmetic procedure) across India.