With increasing penetration of internet in our lives, we all have become completely dependent upon few platforms which we all had not even imagined few years back, and with evolution of technology, especially, the development and evolution of telecom sector this dependency has become irreversible.

Not even in the dreams any human being might have imagined that our daily routine would one day be limited to a hand-held device, today the whole human race has become so much dependent upon internet and its peripherals that life seems to be difficult without it.

Mr. Graham Bell who invented the first telephone or Mr. Martin Cooper who invented the first hand phone or Cellular Phone would have never thought that one day the entire world will be revolving in and around their invention.

Digital evolution has given an all together a different dimension and direction to the whole world today. The way business is organized and marketed today is completely changed; today, apparently, the customers are available online, clients are available online, advertisers are available online hence it has become imperative for the organizations to have their presence online on various Digital platforms.

If we study the previous few years' data the growth of Digital Marketing as a whole and increase in internet users has tremendously increased; only in India an yearly internet growth has been more than 55% and in the year 2013-14 this growth has been as much as 75% and this growth is going to be more than 100% in coming few years.

Looking at the penetration of internet in Indian market and its usage by mobile internet users - internet Marketing looks to be very promising industry; as per a study, in year 2013 there were 180 Million Internet users in India out of which 100 Million were mobile internet users and this figure is projected to reach 400 Million by 2015-16 with more than 270 Million expected to be Mobile Internet users.

Even though, the whole world is too digital-dependent but the trained professionals in this sector are not available as per the demand in the industry. Looking at the growing demand College of Digital Marketing (CDM) has introduced various industry-integrated training programs for professionals & these Digital Marketing courses for Professionals are available at all the study centers of CDM.

The Online Marketing is an ever growing profession and with companies regularly and aggressively increasing their Digital branding budget the demand for the trained DM professionals is expected to increase rapidly.
Apart from the training programs in internet marketing at CDM various Digital Marketing Courses for professionals are offered that help working individuals to reform their career in this very promising industry.

Such programs are available both at weekdays and weekends with an option of completing them in 3 to 6 months' time; the classes generally range from 2 hours to 6 hours per session.

Such Digital Marketing Courses for professionals focus around sharing the knowledge that is going to help not only industry but also the individuals who intend to enhance their career either in existing sector or in this young yet dynamic industry of internet marketing.

The content of Digital Marketing training programs conducted at CDM very well suffice the needs of working professionals, housewives, entrepreneurs, self-employed and even for retirees as well.