Cedra Investment Management acts a hedge fund and wealth & asset management company headquartered in Luxembourg with a regional headquarter in London. We manage many open-ended and closed ended investment vehicles and specialise in fixed rate investments such as bonds, middle level lending, and startup value investing. Prioritising direct dialogue with investors emphasises our commitment to long-term financial performance through sustainable investment practices. Cedra Investment Management is your long-term partner that will steward your investments for long-term value creation.

Cedra Investment Management is an investment company founded in Luxembourg to establish a growth fund. The company is registered in Luxembourg for its tax benefits and prestige. We focus on maintaining shareholder value and capital growth. This is achieved by investments in diverse market sectors. Those sectors include stocks and bonds, commodities and equities.

Our analysts together with our proprietary algorithms provide the cutting edge research required to succeed in today’s market. Identifying undervalued assets for inclusion but also monitoring, and tracking during the investment period. This facilitates a first class exit strategy to avoid losses and maximize upside potential.