Celebrity Nutbars is the world's most scrumtrulescent fudge. A fusion of jocularity and fudge, “Celebrity Nutbars” honors the creator’s Nana, who lovingly called her grandkiddies sweet little “nutbars,” as well as paying homage to the creator’s penchant for the good humor and merriment of a fun-natured comedy routine or movie. This grand confection is a tri-layered delight of chocolate fudgey, vanilla creamy, nutty, peanut buttery, smoothness in a form completely unique to any fudge anywhere. A treasured family recipe for decades, the creator is selling Celebrity Nutbars for the enjoyment of all because, as she declares, “It is a far, far better fudge than has ever been made; it is a far, far better thing to share than to eat it all myself.”