Celebrus Business Strategies is a sales consulting and training company founded in Atlanta in 2006, with a division in Kenya. We specialize in working with Country Directors and CEOs of international companies in Africa to consistently meet sales targets, build high-potential sales teams, and position their companies for long-term sustainable sales growth.

We help organizations across Africa (and beyond) align business and sales strategies and deliver sales results through our Sales Accelerator model.

We work with clients one-on-one to identify sales and performance challenges, develop a comprehensive sales strategy and execute it to consistently meet and beat their aggressive sales goals.

Our team understands the pressures you face to deliver results in a unique environment and meet the performance expectations of your corporate office or board. We also understand the local context of doing business in Africa and have experience navigating different cultures. Our ability to bridge the gap between performance expectations and the ground reality has enabled our clients to achieve their sales results.

While short-term strategies like sales training to improve sales might be effective, it is only one piece of the sales performance improvement puzzle. A broader approach is required for long term sales growth. Our unique five-step Sales Accelerator Model takes a 360-degree approach to creating an environment for long-term, sustainable sales performance.

We have worked with leading companies across Africa to help them consistently meet or exceed sales targets in a short time frame and maintain that success over the long term.

Our servies include:
- Sales strategy consulting
- Sales team recruitment
- Sales Training
- Sales Coaching
- Sales performance management
- Leadership retreats