Cellarz93 RestaurantWinehouse offers casually upscale yet affordable fine dining with an emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients from local growers whenever possible. Located directly across from the Promenade Mall, this chic new gathering place featuring globally-influenced menu pairings is sure to please. At Cellarz93, food is an art form designed to stimulate all the senses through flavor, aroma, texture and presentation.

More than a restaurant, Cellarz93 boasts an impressive collection of over 250 internationally selected labels in our WineHouse. Browse our store-inside the restaurant-and discover varietals available for uncorking at prices far below what restaurant patrons would usually pay-as well as tempting incentives offered through our various wine club memberships.

Whether you dine in our restaurant, al fresco on our pation, in the piano bar or the lounge enjoying live entertainment, you can always be assured that the entree you're savoring will entice your palate and delight your guests!