Cellflare is a Fun, FREE Social Networking application. Our app uses your smart phone’s GPS system to locate you and your contacts on the move in real time. For the release of 3.1 for Mobile Device, Cellflare has added a Virtual Mouse on the map and a numbered indicator on the main screen when an IM arrives. Cellflare can now also deliver relevant notifications and opt-in content based on the users location including coupons.

After downloading the app onto your smart phone you now have two options.  You can register directly from your device or you can go to cellflare.com and create a free account.

Cellflare gives you the ability to locate you and your Contacts directly on your mobile device using the live scalable map, using the road, satellite or hybrid map view. The information presented includes their position, and average speed in real time. Friends can meet up with no more missed rendezvous that have plagued some location based services.


Quick Locate - allows unregistered guests to have a quick peek at a desired user’s whereabouts, with the user’s permission by utilizing a PIN Code.

GeoFencing  - you can set a parameter around a certain location and receive email notifications when contacts enter or exit the set boundaries.

Instant Messaging - Cellflare Messenger will allow “one to one” conversations across multiple devices.

Accurate Real-Time Locating - You control how often you are pinged, from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

The History feature allows users to retrace their recent movements displaying their trips from A to B, showing the speed traveled along the way.

and content based on the users location, including coupons.

Friends On Map shows your Contacts on the map on your mobile device in real time.

Invite Friends -   Currently available on the Cellflare website and coming soon to the mobile app, invite your friends to join you on Cellflare from your email contacts or the major social networks.

Get Ready to Look and Locate!