Develop and Market outstanding natural products that promote optimal health for everyone, at an affordable price.

Our mission statement:                                              
Innovative Science, Natural Solutions

Cell-U-Rite stands for support, prevention and regulation of body systems at a cellular level. Cell-U-Rite was founded on the basis of Personal Health experiences, considering drug side effects and natural support of body systems. Our products are developed based on science to support everyone in achieving their goal.
Cell-U-Rite Naturals offers a Natural line of quality nutritional supplements that support Weight Loss, Health & Wellness, Immune System, training and exercise, and the body’s largest organ, the Skin. Our current weight loss supplements are the result of years of research in identifying the right combination of ingredients (Mustard & Nettle leaf extracts) and clinical trials, as is the case with CUR-Trim Rite; and available literature in addition to published clinical trials, in the case for GCBE 800TM  (Green Coffee Bean Extract). We set quality as our first priority and ensure the ingredients are pure with no contaminants by testing the ingredients and product.
Losing weight is on everyone’s mind and for those who fall in the overweight or obese category; a change in lifestyle is a must. A weight loss diet in addition to an exercise routine and a well-researched weight loss supplement could be the major elements in any weight loss goal. One cannot forget the underlying issues of weight loss, for example blood sugar irregularities, high cholesterol and lipid profile, poor circulation and overall poor digestive system. We have developed products to help not only with weight loss but also support normalizing of blood sugar levels, CUR-Gluco Rite; assist with cholesterol / lipids and poor blood circulation, CUR-Cardio Rite and CUR-Flow Rite; help replenish the nutrients to help body’s immune system, CUR-Multivitamin+ specially formulated vitamins / minerals plus herbal extracts for Men and Women; and finally CUR-Metabo Rite that helps alleviate the issues with digestion, namely heartburn.
One cannot focus only on the cells within the body but also on the surface of the body as the body needs to function as one unit in addition to appearance that is also very important. SOFTSKIN line of skin care products are exactly what the definition of natural skin care is. We use natural and certified organic ingredients in our paraben free formulation of skin care products. Every one of our skin care products is enriched with peptide complex and antioxidants that are naturally extracted from botanical sources to help moisturize, reduce ageing lines and over all preserve a healthy refreshed look at all times.
We believe in offering a line of superior dietary supplements* of high quality, formulated based on science of Pharmacology and Natural Medicine.  We formulate ingredients into our products that are of highest quality, effective, focussed and without unnecessary additives.
Quality:  In our view Quality is first; our products are developed and manufactured with this in mind.  Every product is tested at each step of manufacture, starting with raw materials and ending at finished product.

Ingredients:  Internationally sourced nutrients and herbal extracts of highest quality are selected and put through rigorous testing regimen in compliance with required regulation and in turn quality products.

Manufacturing:  Our manufacturing partners were selected among numerous audits of manufacturing facilities to the pharmaceutical GMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.  Having over 20 years of Pharmaceutical drug development, Quality and manufacturing experience, we wanted to ensure our products meet the same standards as set in pharmaceutical industry.

Expertise:  Product development is conducted by a chemist, pharmacologist, natural medicine doctor with 22 plus years of experience within pharmaceutical industry and 6 years operating a natural health clinic.

Formulation:  Our products are formulated based on knowledge of pharmacology, chemistry, natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and other natural therapy traditions used around the world combined with the latest available literature.

* May include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, or other nutrients intended to enhance our diets.