Celsia designs and manufactures heatsinks using liquid two phase cooling devices. The company’s executives were among the innovators in mass produced, cost approachable heat pipes and vapor chambers. In the mid-1980’s they established some of the largest heat pipe facilities in Asia. By the 1990’s, sights were turned to enhancing two phase technology with traditional two piece vapor chamber designs. And in the new millennium, they pioneered a low cost, easily manufactured one piece vapor chamber production method.

Through our US headquarters and Taiwan design & production facility, Celsia’s goal is to deliver fast, affordable, and reliable thermal solutions for the most demanding applications. We specialize in custom heat sink assemblies using two phase devices for the telecommunication, networking, computer, medical, defense, and auto industries, among others.

In recent years, the company has shipped over 2 million parts into products ranging from base stations and servers to performance graphics cards and LED lighting systems. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of two phase devices, providing products as thin as 1mm or capable of handling up to 1000 w/cm2.