Dear Friends:

Welcome to CemeterySpot.com.

Like you, I have sought comfort and remembrance for a dearly departed loved one.

It seems like not that long ago when I lost my parents. My father went quickly from the result of a heart attack. My mother survived him by approx. twenty years. She had her ups and downs and finally succumbed to complications caused by her Alzheimer’s.

They are gone but never forgotten.

Over the years I moved from my childhood home and the place of their burial. I would often take out photos of them and recall fond memories. I would talk about visiting their resting place but it was not always possible or practical.

It was for these reasons, and more, that CemeterySpot.com was established.

I wanted to establish a way for our family, friends and professional associates to be able to visit them and remember them on any day, at any time and from anywhere. And, to offer the opportunity for you and others to do the same for your departed loved ones.

The place that I envisioned would look like the real world while existing in the virtual world. In this way, our online avenue to visit these loved ones would be as meaningful and lifelike as possible. This vision eventually became CemeterySpot.com.

As with the preparations you made at the time of his/her departure, you have the option of various headstones, urns (for those who were cremated) or mausoleums. You have the opportunity to choose a final resting place similar to what he/she would have wanted. You have the ability to present a unique eulogy. You have the ability to remember him/her with OnSite gifts like flowers, “sweethearts”, teddy bears and rag dolls, and more. And, you’re able to do this without the pressure you felt at that time and with a clearer head.

You also have the ability to add a personalized and continuously updated memorial site for your departed loved one. This memorial site can include text, photos, audio and video to create a truly customized and unique remembrance of your departed loved one.

In addition to all of this, our CemeterySpot community includes valuable links for products and services; and, our community includes articles by experts in the fields of death and dying, the grieving process, widows/widowers, etc. In fact, anyone, including you, with a personal story to share, or with advice or information, may post an article to our website. We also have a forum for you to express ideas, ask for assistance and seek sympathetic ears, etc. You can even create your own weblog (blog) directly from our web site to discuss and give opinions on relevant topics. Our community includes a Graffiti Wall where you can direct community members to important and helpful links, or to your specific CemeterySpot pages.

Our CemeterySpot community welcomes people from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and languages. Please don’t hesitate to create and share any of your pages in the language of your choice. We are a global community without restrictions as long as your postings are positive and not offensive to anyone.

With all of these features, and more, I am confident you will agree that our CemeterySpot community is a place you can be proud of. Please tell those who care to visit often.

In memory of those we loved and admired,
Hal Stevens