Central Business Consultants, Inc. works with a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 clients.  We specialize in individualizing campaigns to fit the needs of our clients.  Our promotional firm provides targeted marketing and sales management as well as campaign support throughout the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

In the near future, as part of a company-wide goal to better services to our clients nationwide, we strive to enrich additional Fortune 500 companies with our services. Our continued expansions will be used to solidify our current client base and continue to add to our client portfolio.

We plan to meet our goals by:
- Fostering ingenuity that encourages our employees to be proactive in the growth of our company

-Maintaining a high standard of quality instruction that better equips our employees with the resources they need to attain maximum efficiency

-Ranking individual growth with equal importance to company growth resulting in an advanced management cultivated through merit system.