Central City Tower seeks to to produce and distribute high quality original content through both traditional and new media. Our goal is to create stories, characters, and icons that resonate with the world and leave a lasting impression on global popular culture.

The first production out of the Tower was the sci-fi adventure graphic novel, Project 0, chronicling the tale of a group of orphans who discover they can manipulate the world around them and are recruited as saboteurs in an on-going military conflict.

Our major thrust now is producing one of the first African inspired action cartoons. The film is called Spider Stories and follows a fearless princess who loses her kingdom and the wayward drummer who helps her reclaim the throne. Set in a an African inspired fantasy world, it is a universal story with a unique cultural perspective. Further we think it has the potential to change the pervasive negative perception of Africa in the mainstream media especially for the youth.

Join us on kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1727465155/spider-stories-an-animated-film