Central de Informação was founded in February 2004 and is a company specialized in communication. Its activity is based on an innovative concept in communication consultancy and public relations.

The company presents itself as an organized source of information, which produces and manages contents and events. One of its first goals is to conciliate clients and media interests.

However, respecting ethical principles, the company reserves the right to refuse to promote information that does not comply with news requisites.

Our major references are companies like FDO Group, Travelport, Dachser Portugal, "a vida é bela", Instituto de Planeamento e Desenvolvimento do Turismo, Axis Group, Universidade Católica no Porto, IADE, IPAM, RAR Group, transavia.com, among others (all clients here).

Central de Informação activity comprises all the communication process: diagnostic studies (media perception, employees’ satisfaction), implementation of communication and public relations plans and results evaluation and measurement.

- Diagnosis
- Planning
- Implementation
- Evaluation