Centrifuge helps separate manufacturers from their competition through strategic, insight-driven brand communications, and creative executions across traditional, digital and social media, with a laser-sharp focus on delivering measurable results. Centrifuge offers a progressive approach to brand marketing with an insight-driven process that builds internal value definition and external value recognition. Guided by the interdependence of brand identity and brand image, we generate highly strategic integrated brand communications to support your business growth.

Centrifuge is a Chicago B2B marketing communications firm, specializing in progressive brand marketing. Our focus is on helping industrial manufacturers achieve business growth through strategic, insight-based, brand communications.

We deliver highly engaging and effective creative communications programs that are strengthened by our expertise in strategic problem solving. From research to concept to execution, in all forms of digital, social and traditional media, Centrifuge can support your marketing initiatives at varying levels of engagement.

Centrifuge offers business leaders a highly collaborative approach that is geared to help their company achieve its greater business potential.

Every B2B company faces its own unique set of marketing communication challenges. For this reason, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular circumstances, and how we can help.

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