Creative Energy Options, Inc., a global consulting company focused on optimizing workplace relationships.

Our programs are the gold standard for understanding relationships at work. We have been awarded the distinction as a top 2012 and 2011 leadership development firm from Leadership Excellence,( will send the logo) and the award winning book “Don’t Bring It to Work” by our company President, Sylvia Lafair PhD, has gained recognition as one of the top 20 books for emerging leaders.

Our research and unique perspective help countless companies understand the power of behavior patterns we bring into the workplace from our original organization, the family.  These patterns: the pleaser, persecutor, victim, rescuer, martyr, avoider, and splitter (there are 13 to consider) show up when stress hits the hot button, and in these constantly changing times this is just about an everyday occurrence.


Total Leadership Connections™ (TLC) is a powerful four-month, four session leadership enhancement program that will change your career and your life.

Why Total Leadership Connections?

If you are a business or a world leader, extraordinary leadership begins with the understanding that YOU are an integral part of a system – a continuum of connectedness. This connectedness radiates from INNER LEADERSHIP to OUTER LEADERSHIP, finally reaching into the ultimate sphere of influence: the world at large.

Whether you are part of a large corporation, family firm, nonprofit or a start-up company, it is critical for you to understand the basic realm of how relationships work in a system, how behavior patterns intertwine, and how they can cause conflict or collaboration, depending on how they are handled at work.