Driven by our experience and continuous innovation we have developed CEPA Telematics, a new concept in driver training, prevention and reduction of costs in the fleet.

CEPA Telematics responds to the initiative of being close to the driver through a Mobile Application, helping to correct errors makes while driving vehicle. In this way, we can influence the efficiency of the fleet avoiding accidents, optimizing investments in telemetry equipment and maintaining continuous training and coaching.
We can provide both companies with fleets of light or heavy vehicles, regardless of the size of the fleet.

Contracting Telematics Strain is easy and flexible, no matter how many drivers the fleet owns.

Drivers will be able to download our app on their smartphone for free, register and the application will be ready to use. The fleet manager will only create the fleets in Telematics Server Manager and send the e-mail invitations to the drivers to join them.

The Fleet Manager will have the possibility to daily analyze the driving habits of his fleet, to know the evolution and topics of coaching for each driver and to perform odometer readings.

You can learn more by visiting www.cepatelematics.com.