The Ceramic Polymer GmbH produces high-quality protective coatings for different kinds of industries. Due to the integration of microscopic ceramic and other special particles, coating systems with highest chemical resistance, specific coatings for biogas or waste water applications as well as internal coatings for tanks and production vessels of all kinds are generated.  Moreover, Ceramic Polymer’s versatile portfolio contains approved coatings for drinking water applications. The Ceramic Polymer coatings are applied directly on the blasted substrate (metal or concrete) without the previous use of a primer. In this way extreme adhesion is achieved. That signifies essential advantages in comparison to conventional multi-layered systems.

An important part of Ceramic Polymer's company philosophy is the new development of coating products for special demands.
Through extensive and continuous research work, they are constantly improving the quality and the range of their product portfolio. Therefore, they also provide adequate coating solutions for specific niche markets.

One of the multiannual research projects has been successfully completed. As the single manufacturer, Ceramic Polymer features internal coatings for biogas plants and storage tanks for crude oil and all kinds of hydrocarbons against anaerobe biocorrosion induced by SRB bacteria. The specific functionality of this product line is internationally registered for patent.