CERT ID Solutions provides standardized course offerings on the development and implementation of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) bench-marked schemes and Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP) systems. CERT ID Solutions also provides customized training's on pre-requisite programs and related food safety and quality topics.

CERT ID Solutions’ team of dedicated consulting professionals are experts trained in developing, implementing and assessing food safety and quality management systems with specialized knowledge of regulatory compliance.
Gap Analysis
Third party gap analysis is an effective way to objectively assess your company’s food safety and quality management system against a set of standard requirements. Gap analysis is a proactive approach to preparing for scheme certification.
CERT ID Solutions’ consultants can provide a level of customized analysis to competently identify “gaps” and recommend practical solutions to correct issues.
Risk Assessment
Thorough, competent, and accurate risk assessment of a company’s materials, processes, and finished products is the foundation of every food safety management system. Risk assessment is critical to protecting a firm’s brand and protecting consumers from harmful food products in the marketplace.
CERT ID Solutions’ consultants have expertise in conducting risk assessments and knowledge of food hazards over a broad range of industry sector categories. Our consultants can help evaluate your operation for vulnerability or risk to food hazards and suggest effective controls.