LOS ANGELES, September 3, 2013/PRNewswire/ -- CertifiedCars.com launched its fully integrated website on September 3 offering only Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles to consumers. This is an unprecedented platform for online vehicle sales and has proven to be a successful move. Already the company has gained popularity among the automotive industry with more than 500 partners nationwide and has begun to make a name among consumers, offering a selection of more than 25,000 Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

CertifiedCars.com has made shopping for a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicle easier than any other website out there including Edmonds.com, KBB.com and AutoTrader.com by only offering Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles in their selection. A recent study conducted by CertifiedCars.com revealed that several online vehicle sales websites did not even offer the option to conduct a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicle search such as autolist.com and carsdirect.com. A further study showed that CertifiedCars.com is in fact the only website in existence that offers only Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles to consumers. This targeted approach sets the company apart and creates a whole new option to consumers when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle.

The website is designed to ease consumers search for the perfect Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. They have included several search criteria to make searching for the perfect vehicle as general or as specific as you would like and offer a great comparison tool for Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned programs. Consumers simply can type in the manufacturer make they are searching for, enter their zip code and then with 1- click, a selection of available Certified Car listings will appear. The certified vehicles displayed will be the closest in proximity to the zip code entered. Results can then also be sorted based on model, body style, color, pricing, mpg and other options. The website offers easy navigation and great detail when comparing Manufacturer certification programs, making CertifiedCars.com the best location on the Internet when looking to purchase a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

“Our goal with this one of a kind website was to offer consumers a one-stop-shop location to easily search and compare CPO vehicles. The entire design was centered around the consumer. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find the information that you are looking for without having to put in a huge amount of information that you may not necessarily be interested in. In addition to that, we focused on providing several different search options right on the home page. So if you know that you are only interested in Lexus, or are only interested in SUV’s there is a button for that, so you can conduct a search with just one click,” said Brett Sutherlin, CEO and Chairman of the board to CertifiedCars.com.

The launch of this website is the first of its kind and is making a change in the automotive industry. With Certified Pre-Owned vehicles gaining popularity among consumers because of the savings and peace of mind that come along with them, providing an online vehicle sales website that only offers these prized options delivers a much needed solution to the Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned market.

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