Cestus, an ancient Roman battle glove, adorned many gladiators into the ring. Today, Cestusline creates multifaceted gloves ranging from basic utility and gardening gloves to oil resistant and anti-vibration technical gloves.

Cestusline is committed to making durable, hard-working gloves that are comfortable to wear. Flexibility, breathability, and tactile sensitivity are the cornerstones of our glove lines.

Cestusline is proud to introduce its design registered one-piece palm construction for the ultimate in durability. Our designers strive to match the palm stitching to the natural folds of your hand, so tools are more comfortable to hold. Additionally, our curved finger designs reduce strain over prolonged wear.

Top materials, detailed stitching, and innovative designs unite to make gladiator-tough gloves that are comfortable to work in. Cestus... .WE ARE GLOVES.