Cetacea Sound Corp designs and manufactures the following audio solutions:

The Ensémble Presentation Companion portable voice support systems that are small, powerful, and lightweight. The Ensémble Series speakers are ideal for professional presenters, trainers, salespeople and educators who are mobile;

the Astronaut Lander Series ceiling mounted audio systems designed for education, videoconferencing, and corporate applications, and;

the PAS× Multimedia System two and three-piece surround sound audio systems—an innovative portable solution for entertainment venues.

Cetacea Sound Corp is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1996, the company holds two acoustic patents and designs and manufactures audio speakers, amplifiers, and microphones which use one or more of its patents.

Customer applications include educational facilities, government buildings, corporate facilities and retreats, retail stores, entertainment venues and mobile presentations.

Having pioneered energy conservation in its product lines over ten years ago, Cetacea Sound is now the only audio company offering a complete line of energy efficient audio devices that meet or exceed Energy Star standards.